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Men: New program does your clothes shopping for you

Trunk Club

What would you rather do - get a root canal on your birthday, walk barefoot across hot coals, watch reruns of The View instead of the Super Bowl, or go shopping for clothes?

Okay, so maybe shopping for clothes isn't quite that bad. But even if you don't entirely hate the process, it's still very time-consuming, rather overwhelming, pretty inefficient and often aggravating. Yet you still want to look good, in styles that really make the grade.

So how can you dress with style, without suffering through all the hassles of traditional shopping? Some men are finding the answer with the Trunk Club. Here's how this smart new service works.Trunk Club keeps you looking great without shopping

Instead of going to a brick-and-mortar store and wandering the racks, or logging onto some website and taking stabs in the dark, you hook up with a Trunk Club Expert. This personal shopper works closely with you, listens to your needs and preferences, then hand-picks a "trunk" of great designer clothes for you.

The trunk of 8-10 items comes directly to your door. All you have to do is find a few minutes to try on the selections and see what you like. You keep the clothes you want and return the rest without any shipping charges. That's it! Shopping without shopping. Top brand-name styles. You look great and save time.

Just because you don't like to shop, or don't have time to, doesn't mean that you're not interested in looking your best and getting compliments. With brand names like Eaton, John Varvatos, Jeremy Argyle and dozens of others, Trunk Club clothes are sure to keep you looking updated … and feeling comfortable and confident. These are quality clothes for guys interested in style and quality, who care about their presentation. Shirts are in the $100-$250 price range, denim in the $175-$225 category, and sweaters run $120 - $250.

One of the things that guys seem to like most about the Trunk Club is the personalized service, and the relationship that develops. Your Trunk Club Expert stays with you and really gets to know you, your needs and your preferences. You get a handpicked trunk of clothes as often or little as you like. And you can call with specific needs -- maybe a big trip or event is coming up and you want to look your best.

Click here to get started with the Trunk Club, and try this new and efficient way of not shopping but looking great. Dare one say it, but some men have even said it's a fun way to not shop? Certainly it's much better than root canals, hot coals or missing the Super Bowl!


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